How might we simplify promoter conversations for events?

Fast, efficient and on-point.

In this setup, I was mainly responsible for the design and interaction – but in the end, I also had to quarrel with profiler algorithms. A typical agency project with a pressing deadline and no real briefing.

UI, UX, Interaction

The Challenge

Porsche wanted to connect to rich people in Dubai in a seamless manner. In 2016 NFC, Beacons or anything weren’t that common. Also, Webapps were just starting out back then. It so happened to be that our top requirement was that the customer should not have to download an app.

To efficiently deliver products in a short time I like to work in timeboxed phases. I orientate myself on the format of a „Design Sprint“ and plan to deliver as much as possible in a short timeframe. Even if it will not be possible to deliver everything, the challenge is to have a functional product at all times.


For this event, we decided to build up a local wifi-area all around the event center. When the user connects to the wifi the automatic capture screen pops up. On this screen, the whole experience was located and the user didn’t have to download an app.

Conversational Flows

We achieved a low threshold for the customer through a conversational flow, where we asked him to provide us with key data to steer him in the right direction.

Two language setup

Since the event was located in Dubai, which has a huge international and arabic audience we had to go with a two-language setup. This was a huge challenge since there are a lot of aspects to creating an arabic UX interface and difficulties related to it when you are not a native. For example mirroring layout for an Arabic interface is key, but has its limitations and translating text into Arabic is not enough to create an arabic interface. There were a lot of details I had to research, for example how arabic date formating works and how interactions are supposed to behave.

Additional drivers

As we want to transport the spirit of the brand, we collected key moments of the brand and combined them with the local event setup in an omnichannel experience.


There is a huge variety of different Porsches with lots of different features and target groups. To get to know a user you have to look inside his eco-system. Without directly asking him about his preferences we are using subtle questions to find out what the best Porsche for him is.


Since we expected a lot of visitors but only had limited promoters, we wanted to enable the user to experience as much as possible without a promoter interaction. So we offered to let him provide his contact information to get into contact with his local Porsche dealer.


With the right setup, even in a short time frame, a good product is possible when one focuses on the right things. Our approach with building an MVP out of a design sprint and adding prioritized features until the deadline was the right one. In the end, we realized that we should have put a bit more focus on testing since there were some interactions in the profiler which didn’t work out too well.